Sam is committed to meeting the unique needs of every individual and organization he encounters. He constantly strives to upgrade his techniques and abilities to tailor his services to each client’s specific requirements.

As a penultimate year student at the University of Melbourne, pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce with a major in Finance and Economics, Sam shares common ground with clients in the financial industry and business owners. He can naturally connect with these individuals and organizations, thanks to his academic background.

Though Sam lives in Melbourne, he grew up in Brisbane and has had a lifelong love for boating and water activities. From his childhood in Manly to his summers spent in Sorrento and Portsea, Victoria, he has always been passionate about luxury boats and yachts. To him, owning a boat is more than just a materialistic desire. He sees it as a way to experience the purest form of human joy, spending time on the water with friends and family, exploring the world limitlessly.

Sam is our Victoria-based Sales Consultant, and as a local, he knows the region well. He already has an existing network, making him the go-to consultant for anything related to boats, maintenance, other systems, and general client care.