Executive Assistant & Operations Manager

Before joining JDM Luxury Boat Brokerage in 2023, Loretta was employed in various roles in the Australian Public Service since 2006, where her business processes, governance, risk management and planning skills contributed to the delivery of successful programs and project outcomes.

In her role with JDM Luxury Boat Brokerage, Loretta is responsible for executive support, logistics management and client engagement.  Her people skills mean she is often asked to help staff and clients navigate complex delivery environments situations and find pragmatic solutions to wicked problems.

Growing up around boats and living by the sea most of her life, Loretta had the opportunity to be involved with boat building and sailing small P class boats to racing 40-foot yachts in Auckland Harbour.  Loretta feels very lucky to now be working with the team from JDM Luxury Boat Brokerage.  Being able to help clients and share their exciting stories makes coming to work each day a dream for Loretta.