Joshua Dicker has always had an enthusiasm for vessels and for meeting new people. From as early as 13, Joshua Dicker began in the boating sector, conversing with owners, and listening to their boating tales. Joshua Dicker’s background has enriched his boating passion and provided him with the determination, professionalism as well as desire to peruse into boating industry. Joshua Dicker consistently exceeds expectations and is committed to providing a V.I.P experience for every client. He guarantees a premium price, a stress-free experience and ensures that all clients feel welcomed to the community of boaties. His first vessel handover ensued within the first month of becoming a luxury boat broker and finished with a glass of celebratory champagne over the sunset and the development of a lifelong client relationship. It was through this handover that Joshua Dicker long understood his passion for the boating industry.

With over a decade of boating experience, Joshua Dicker has worked alongside reputable luxury boat brokerages that have provided the opportunity for him to cement his skills and expand his boating industry knowledge. Priding himself on the platform he had created, Joshua Dicker opened JDM Luxury Boat Brokerage Combining his interpersonal skills, boating enthusiasm, and industry knowledge, Joshua consistently provides an elite and smooth sale of every vessel. All clients of Joshua Dicker are also invited to regular rafts up and activities, hosted by himself, to develop a strong boatie community