Connor has had the privilege of calling three different countries home, which has given him a deep understanding of diverse cultures. This has helped him develop a multifaceted perspective, nurturing his curiosity and honing his ability to adapt swiftly and work diligently. Recently, he went on a captivating journey through Europe, exploring the enchanting canals of Venice, the vibrant hues of Cinque Terre, the opulence of Monaco, the coastal charm of Nice, and the rich history of Antibes.

Connor is passionate about water activities, including jet skiing, cruising on a boat, and fishing. With his background in luxury hospitality leadership, a keen eye for marketing, and a love for photography, his six-year journey as a boating and sailing enthusiast will make him a great addition to the JDM Luxury Boat Brokerage crew and with his deep understanding of boats and the unique needs of fellow enthusiasts.

His sailing adventure began at London’s Queen Mary’s Sailing Club during his youth, and his recent European escapade has fuelled his eagerness to re-immerse himself in the world of sailing. He is committed to continuous learning to provide expert advice to clients embarking on their boat buying and selling journey.

As a leader at one of the 5-star luxury hotels on the Gold Coast, Connor has developed top-tier client service and interpersonal skills. He understands the importance of offering meticulous care to clients and is steadfast in delivering an exceptional customer experience.

As a seasoned photographer, Connor brings a creative edge to his work and an innovative approach to marketing and showcasing boats. His proficiency in digital marketing enhances his ability to connect with customers, contributing to the success of the boats he handles.

In every aspect of his professional journey, Connor combines his love for travel, cultural adaptability, and passion for the water to create a unique narrative that sets him apart in the world of boating and sailing.