Chris Nicholls is a highly motivated and diligent professional with a strong
passion for sales and customer service. He brings a fresh perspective to
the JDM team, making him a valuable asset. Chris possesses a wide range
of boating skills and knowledge, including navigation, safety protocols,
maintenance, and handling different types of boats. He is a well-rounded
individual with a strong commitment to his work. His commendable
dedication and enthusiasm in various fields suggest that he would
approach boating with the same level of commitment and diligence.
Throughout his illustrious career, Chris has demonstrated exemplary
customer service skills. He fully understands the importance of building
strong client relationships and providing top-notch services. His
exceptional ability to listen, empathise, and address customer needs sets
him apart as a consummate professional who places immense value on
client satisfaction.
Chris is an accomplished and dedicated professional who combines his
passion for sales and customer service with a fresh perspective to excel in
various roles. His diverse boating skills, knowledge, and unwavering
commitment to his craft makes him an asset to any boating-
related endeavour.